Georgetown Home Gets Holiday Improvements

With just days to go until Christmas a pair of Georgetown women got some free improvements to their home just in time for the holidays.

Benchmark Roofing is the company putting the roof on the home. The story goes, Benchmark needed parking and asked Northside Christian Church for a spot in its lot.

When Northside wouldn’t charge the company any money for the spot, the contractors asked if there was anything else they could do.

Northside suggested helping out a member of the congregation in need of a new roof. Benchmark didn’t think twice.

"I came over, cleaned out the house. It made it. It just broke my heart to see two elderly ladies having to move buckets around when it’s raining," said Jason Whiteley, Benchmark GM.

The homeowner didn’t want to go on camera but expressed so much gratitude toward the company and the church for the improvements.

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