Georgetown brewery receives hate mail after displaying Gay Pride flag

GEORGETOWN, ky. (WTVQ)-The owners of ‘My Old Kentucky Foam Brewery’ in Georgetown say they were shocked when they received a 2-page letter explaining in detail why they shouldn’t have displayed a Gay Pride flag in the brewery’s window.

The author called the pride flag “an extremely polarizing symbol,” even comparing it to a confederate flag.

The person also took the time to express their extreme displeasure with same-sex relationships and parenting, concluding that they would not be a customer at the Brewery anymore.

The letter comes after Georgetown passed a fairness ordinance in September.

A friend of the owners posted the anonymous letter to Facebook.

The post now has thousands of responses, many of them in support of the brewery and their clever response to the letter reminding their customers that everyone is welcome.

Co-owner, Darrin Durchell told ABC 36, “I don’t like being bullied. I don’t like telling other people that they should be discriminated against, or don’t have as many rights as other people.”

The flag has since been removed but the owners say they were not trying to take any kind of political stance when they decided to display it.

The brewery actually received the letter about a month before sharing it on social media, but felt the holidays were the right time to share it.

Now the brewery is inviting everyone, including the person that wrote the letter, to come and have a beer.

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