Gas line damages causing concern in Central Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Businesses are now back open on busy Beaumont Centre Circle, after a gas leak Tuesday.

Gas companies say this time of year, gas leaks happen more often.

The staff at Most Valuable Pets were in the middle of grooming when they were told to evacuate.

“None of the dogs were done. We had wet, soaking dogs that were in the bathtub when we found out we had five minutes to leave,” said Lanier Whitton.

Whitton took the dogs and birds to her house while crews worked on the gas leak.

Columbia Gas says an entire busy street was closed because a contractor on Beaumont Centre Parkway hit a gas line.

The same thing happened in Paris a week earlier, forcing a school and several homes to evacuate.

We hear all the time, call before you dig, but still, Risa Richardson with Columbia gas says this time of year, leaks are more common.

“Whenever it gets warmer outside, in the spring, in the summer, especially with all the rain that we’ve had of late, we do see an up tick in the number of projects that are taking place and therefore a number of damages that we see to our lines,” says Richardson.

Richardson says gas lines will be marked by Colombia Gas by calling 811.

Lexington Fire says it responded to 357 calls in 2018 related to damaged gas lines.

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