Garrard Co. Animal Shelter set to euthanize dogs next week

GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- For the second time in as many months, dogs in Garrard County may have to be killed.

The shelter hasn’t had to euthanize in almost two years, but it’s full right now and if it doesn’t have more dogs adopted, it’ll have to euthanize next week.

“Our cupboards are bare and our kennels are full,” Tiffany Cole, an Animal Control Officer, said.

There are only more dogs coming in. Cole says seven more will be in the shelter’s care just on Thursday, alone.

She says the shelter’s capacity is 30 dogs, but there are 37 there now, not counting fosters.

They can’t just be turned loose; it’s against the law.

“Every animal deserves a home,” Cole said.

She says her shelter, and others across the country, are constantly overcrowded.

It’s part of a deeper problem that she says comes from people.

“We need to be spaying and neutering our pets. We need to be responsible pet owners,” Cole said.

Right now, it costs nothing to adopt several of the shelter’s dogs.

“When they get to leave it’s the best day ever and when they’re still sitting there it’s your saddest day ever because you feel like you’re failing them,” Cole said.

She is begging people to come adopt, foster, or donate. She says everyone can do something to help.

For information on how you can help, visit the shelter’s Facebook page.

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