Garden Guy – Plythium Blight in your lawn

In this week’s gardening segment, Mike O’Rourke, “The Garden Guy” talks about lawn disease that could be killing your grass.

Pythium blight, also known as grease spot and cottony blight, can be a highly destructive turfgrass disease, especially on bentgrasses and ryegrasses. Severe outbreaks can completely destroy the turfgrass within a few days if weather conditions favor disease development.

Pythium blight first appears as small, irregularly shaped spots ranging from ½ inch to 4 inches in diameter.  Diseased patches fade to a light brown or gray color. Groups of spots frequently join together.  Plythium blight occurs when there is  high humidity in early morning or throughout the day, areas of grass may be covered with the white, cobwebby, moldlike growth of the causal fungus.

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