Galls 911 Heros: Two honored for saving a life

MT. STERLING, Ky. (WTVQ) – For Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Jared Garland, no day is ever the same. That’s was certainly the case on May 16.

“It was 9:30, something in the morning. Attempted suicide. One gunshot wound, self-inflicted to the upper chest, and responded from there,” says Garland.

Deputy Garland responded in nine minutes. He was the first one on scene, he had to improvise.

“I knew in my trauma kit I didn’t have any pre-made chest seals, I knew that. We just hadn’t gotten any in yet,” says Garland.

Shortly after he arrived another deputy showed up to help. Terry Barnett was just a few weeks away from retirement. We wanted to talk with him as well, but I was told he’s enjoying retirement on a beach somewhere.

“Terry is great. I worked side by side as a beat partner with Terry for about five years here. He’s a great cop, he was an asset to this community, always there to help.” Says Garland.

Deputies Garland and Barnett began using a Ziploc bag and masking tape to cover the wound.

“Ripped the bag in half, put it over the wound, taped it on all four sides to create a seal. Began to make the vented seal on the front on her upper breast until EMS arrived.” Says Garland.

Recalling training they were able to use the household items to keep the woman’s lungs from collapsing until EMT’s could arrive. Ultimately saving her life.

“If this then this, if that then this, as to how I was gonna treat what I came across. For whatever reason that day I had a moment of clarity.” Recalls Garland.

That moment of heroism earned the two deputy’s an award from the sheriff.

“I was very impressed. Not only with the fact they could recall the training which is not in common use outside combat zones, but the fact they were able to improvise to the degree to which they did in saving this ladies life.” Says Sheriff David Charles.

“Being able to receive this award along side Terry is pretty special because he and I spent such a close time together.” Says Garland.

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