Funeral Incites Family Beating In Boyle County

A funeral brought a family history of domestic violence to a peak Saturday, landing two people in the hospital.

The Boyle County Sheriff said David McConaha  was drunk at his dad’s funeral.

McConaha reportedly threatened to beat family members at the grave site but then left.

The sheriff said  he was later called to the home of McConaha’s aunt.

When they arrived they saw she had been beat by a shovel and had a gun.

They said McConaha was going to get a gun when he took off down Old Mitchellsburg Road and through a field.

When the deputy found him, they said he had been thrown from the car and was not moving.

He is being treated at UK Hospital for serious injuries.

If  McConaha ives, the sheriff said he will be facing a series of felonies, including domestic violence.

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