Fugitive lawyer appears in federal court, judge revokes bond

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Fugitive lawyer Eric C. Conn appeared in federal court Thursday. During that hearing, the judge ruled that Conn did in fact violate the terms of his bond.

That ruling means that Conn loses something.

Conn’s Prestonsburg law office and the land it sits on, don’t belong to him anymore. Both are now property of the U.S. Government, after he violated the terms of his bond.

In court, a representative of the U.S. Government provided a list of things Conn did to break those terms.

According to the judge, Conn did not have permission to leave Eastern Kentucky, or remove his ankle monitor.

He also failed to appear for trial in June.

Because of these violations, the bond set for Conn is forfeited. That means the property at stake, valued aroud $600,000, according to Conn’s lawyer, is now the U.S. Government’s and it can do whatever it wants with it.

That’s not all that happened in court Thursday.

Officials also talked about who will represent Conn through the rest of his trial.

The bottom line is that Conn can’t pay for an attorney anymore.

What that means is someone will be appointed to him, but Conn’s current attorney, Scott White, says he wants to finish what he started.

White has been representing Conn since the beginning of this case.

Thursday in court, he told the judge he will file a motion by midnight, asking to be placed on the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel. That’s the group of people from which the judge will choose who represents Conn moving forward.

In that motion, White says he will ask to be appointed back to Conn.

The judge told White he will review the motion, but is concerned that it would be unfair for Conn to have any say in who represents him, since he can’t afford to pay for an attorney himself.

The other issue with doing so, according to the judge, is that it could be a conflict of interest. That’s because when Conn fled the country, violating his bond, White had contact with Conn.

White talked to media after the court hearing, explaining that he had made several pleas to Conn, asking him to turn himself in.

That makes it possible that White could be called as a witness when the fleeing charges are tried.

However, those in court representing the U.S. Government, told the judge they believe White is in the best position to continue representing the case, since he’s been on it for so long.

Before Conn’s escape this past summer, he was set to plead guilty in an agreement that would have put him in prison for 12 years.

Now, Conn is facing the possibility of life in prison as the government is dropping the plea deal.

Conn is being held in the Grayson County Detention Center.

A trial date has not been set.


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