‘FRYSC’ celebrates 30 years of offering success tools to families

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Kentucky’s FRYSC week is wrapping up. It recognizes the
Family Resource Youth Services Coalition in Kentucky K-12 schools.

With this organization families across the commonwealth have access to resources through their child’s school.

Resources can be something like offering one-on-one tutoring or helping a family pay their rent.

“We truly are in a position where we wear many hats,” Tiffany Runyon said.

Runyon is a Family Resource Coordinator at Coventry Oak Elementary. She says the services families can receive is wide and impactful.

“We are here for you we want to help you,” she said. “It really does change their life.”

And while the organization is celebrating 30 years helping families. It says the pandemic has definitely increased need.

In rural counties the resource center can be like a one-stop-shop. Paula Hunter says she’s like the ‘middle man’ in Nicholas County, whatever it is, the community is going to step up to help.

“All I have to do is call and say we have a family who needs and they’re right on it or I’ll put it on Facebook and they step up to the plate to help,” Hunter said.

In the pandemic, home visits for food boxes and mental health resources have skyrocketed.

T.C. Johnson in Lexington is the president for FRYSC and a coordinator at Winburn Middle School. During this week of recognition she wants people to know the coordinators at schools across the state spend countless hours for others.

“We are the silent first responders,” Johnson said. “We do it because we’re compassionate, because we want to see our families and our children be successful in life.”

Johnson is also working with state legislators to create a FRYSC appreciation day in Kentucky on the second Wednesday of February.

Wednesday, she and others went to the Capitol to commemorate the intuitive.

Photo Courtesy: T.C. Johnson
Picture shows FRYSC and state legislators at the Ky. Capitol.

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