Free School Meals Coming to Thousands of Fayette Co. Students

More than 14,000 students heading back to public schools in Fayette County Wednesday won’t have to worry about taking their lunch money with them.

The reason: at least 40% of the children in 27 of the district’s schools qualify for federal assistance.

Under new guidelines to the National School Lunch and Breakfast program, school district officials can decide to give free meals to all of the students.

Students who attend the following schools will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge:

• Arlington
• Booker T. Washington Primary Academy
• Booker T. Washington Intermediate Academy
• Breckinridge
• Cardinal Valley
• Deep Springs
• Dixie
• Harrison
• James Lane Allen
• Julius Marks
• Lansdowne
• Mary Todd
• Millcreek
• Northern
• Russell Cave
• Southern
• Tates Creek
• William Wells Brown
• Yates

• Bryan Station
• Crawford
• Leestown
• Winburn

• Bryan Station

• Lexington Day Treatment
• Martin Luther King Academy
• The Stables

It was estimated that families would each save an average of over $600 this year with the change, totaling over $2 million across the district.

No loss in funding is expected for the Fayette County Department of Child Nutrition, as the national lunch program will pay back the schools for the costs of the meals.

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