Free relationship checks for Valentine’s Day, University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky's Family Center is holding its 7th annual relationship checks.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the University of Kentucky is offering free “checkups” on romantic relationships from February 7-16. This will be the UK Family Center’s seventh year of relationship checkups.

“Valentine’s Day we always talk about oh you have to buy chocolates, and go on these fancy dates and do these really wonderful, romantic gestures, but we’re not really focusing on what makes our relationship special and what are we doing well in our relationship,” says Natalie Tate, a second-year intern for the Family Center.

The Family Center says any kind of romantic relationship in any stage is welcome and upon arrival, the couple will be given a questionnaire to fill out about the relationship.

“They just compare it, and they talk about it,” says Tracey Werner-Wilson, director of the UK Family Center. “Then they look at strengths and maybe some areas of concern, but then they look at how can we use our strengths to improve those areas of concern.”

The checkups are performed by interns at the Family Center, completing clinical hours needed for the program. Family Center interns say the checkup takes a strength-based approach, where you’re looking at the good to try and resolve other issues.

“It’s so easy to get stuck in your habits, for better or for worse, you know there’s good habits in a relationship and there’s bad ones,” says Madalyn Cooke, first-year intern with the Family Center. “I think the relationship checkup does a really good job of helping to encourage the good habits and helping to maybe redirect the bad ones into better ones.”

The Family Center says the clients seen during this program span all ages and relationship lengths and usually everyone leaves feeling good.

“If those relationships aren’t doing well, we don’t do well in life,” says Werner-Wilson. “I mean it colors everything and so we tend to see it as you need to check-in on your relationship like you would your car or like going to the dentist.”

To book a free appointment, call (859)257-7755 or send an email to

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