Franklin County inmates to have more options for connecting with loved ones

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- Inmates at the Franklin County Regional Jail are now able to connect with friends and family members with the new Inspire tablet.

Franklin County will be providing communication, education, entertainment, and efficiency options via the Inspire tablets.

For communication, inmates can keep in touch with loved ones via electronic messages and on-demand video visitation.

VisitNow enables inmates to do video visits right from their housing units, reducing the need for inmate movement, limiting the opportunity to distribute contraband, and saving facilities manpower, time, and money.

Friends and family members of inmates can create GettingOut accounts and video visit with their incarcerated loved ones via a tablet, computer, or mobile device from the comfort of their own homes.

GTL’s Inmate Education solutions will also be a part of the detention center’s tablet program.

Inmates will have access to credentialed content that covers everything from life skills to GED prep programs to advanced degree material.

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