Franklin Co. Sheriff’s office seized around 600 THC vape cartridges

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – THC vape cartridges are becoming a growing problem in central Kentucky according to law enforcement officials.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department says it’s seeing extremely high levels of THC vaping cartridges flooding the community.

In recent months, the sheriff’s department says its seized over 600 vaping cartridges.

THC-laced products are not legal in Kentucky.

According to Sheriff Chris Quire, many of the products are being shipped or driven in from other states where the products are legal.

On average, he says it’s 17-25 year old people who are selling and buying the products.

“This is not your average blunt or marijuana. This is very high content and it causes serious problems,” said Chris Quire, Sheriff.

Another problem is the packaging. Sheriff Quire says THC-laced edibles often come in packages that appeal to kids.

The department is warning people that the packaging often has cartoon characters or looks like commonly sold candy.

Quire adds it’s also hard to tell by the smell of the product. He says even though the product is made with a chemical found in marijuana, it doesn’t smell like marijuana.


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