Frankfort State Journal offers reward for information on coupon thefts

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Frankfort State Journal has taken an unusual route to solve an unusual crime.

The paper says that they have been experiencing a series of thefts from sidewalk newsstands from what they believe are extreme coupon clippers.

The journal says they are getting hit particularly hard on Sundays, and that the coupon thief, or thieves, have been taking so many papers, it’s becoming difficult for community members to find a copy.

On Tuesday, the newspaper posted a picture of a woman, and are asking anyone in the community who has information on her identity to contact them.

The paper says that if the information leads to a successful prosecution, they will reward the provider of the information with a one-year subscription to The Frankfort Journal, and FRANK. magazine.

At this time, no member of law enforcement has commented on the photograph, or released any additional information on an official investigation.

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