Frankfort police officer resigns after being named in search warrants

A Frankfort Police Officer, who just quit the force this week, is accused of buying stolen bourbon and selling illegal steroids, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

ABC 36 obtained copies of the search warrants related to the missing Pappy Van Winkle case. The sheriff’s office believes at least $100,000 of bourbon was stolen over the course of years.

Michael Wells is named in the search warrants that were filed Tuesday. He resigned Monday, according to the Frankfort Police Department.

Wells was a ten-year veteran of the force, a D.A.R.E officer and on the bike patrol at one time.

The warrants accuse Wells of buying some of the alleged Wild Turkey stolen bourbon. It quotes people who were interviewed in the case along with citing phone call logs and text message conversations.

In addition to the bourbon, detectives believe Wells was selling steroids to Gilbert “Toby” Curtsinger, who the Franklin County Sheriff calls the ‘ringleader’ of all this.
After learning of the allegations, the Frankfort Police Department did its own internal investigation.

The chief of police says it found that officer wells may have violated city policies and decided to resign on Monday.

Prosecutors say since the search warrants were written, it now does not appear Wells will be charged with any illegal activity regarding the bourbon theft.

They say Wells has been cooperating and will be testifying against those accused of stealing bourbon.

Nine others have been indicted in the crime syndicate for peddling bourbon and steroids.

The sheriff says the investigation is ongoing.

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