Frankfort PD: Man arrested after punching, strangling officer

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Police in Frankfort say a man is behind bars after violently struggling against an officer trying to arrest him.

Officers say on Sunday at about 12:00 a.m., they attempted to stop 32-year-old Eriberto Hernandez on Tierra Linda Drive for a traffic violation.  Police say instead of stopping immediately, Hernandez drove through two apartment complex parking lots before finally stopping.  According to investigators, there was a strong smell of marijuana upon approaching the car, and what appeared to be marijuana in Hernandez’s lap.  Officers say Hernandez also appeared to be under the influence.

Hernandez was asked to step out of the car, say officers, so that his car could be searched.  As he was about to be handcuffed, however, police say he began to struggle, pulled away, and ran from the scene, briefly eluding law enforcement.

Shortly thereafter, police say they were flagged down by a property owner on Arbolado Drive, who told them that his dog had been barking around the shed behind his house.  When officers went to investigate, they say they found Hernandez hiding behind the shed.  Hernandez attempted to run away again, say police, and a struggle ensued, with Hernandez punching one officer in the face and attempting to strangle him.  Investigators say the officer managed to break Hernandez’s grip, and used a taser on Hernandez, but that the tazer didn’t have any effect.

Police say the struggle continued, and that at one point Hernandez tried to pull a knife out of his pocket.  Officers were eventually able to get control over Hernandez and take him into custody.

Hernandez was taken to the Franklin Co. Detention Center and charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest, DUI, possession, and numerous other charges.


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