Frankfort families “ghost” Valentine’s Day

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Whatever your thoughts on Valentine’s Day, whether you love it or think it is a big joke, we can probably all agree that seeing it spent creatively gives us a warm chuckle. This Valentine’s Day, ABC 36 found some people in Frankfort that were doing just that.

A Frankfort pottery studio was “ghosting” Valentine’s Day. They were paying tribute to the famous scene from the movie “Ghost”.

Families made tumblers, a creative way to spend some time together on the day dedicated to love.

The studio emphasized Valentine’s Day fun with loved ones by tapping into the passion of that iconic scene from “Ghost”.

For many people, the moment between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze’s characters creates a heart-stopping breathlessness.

For potters, like Jody Jaques, it is funny.

“Even the position she’s sitting in on the wheel you’re like, ‘There’s no way she could pull that much clay up.'” Jaques said.

She and one of her partners, Audrey, thought “ghosting” would be a great way to solidify relationships with humor while enjoying downtown Frankfort.

“There’s lots of things to do and see. It’s a beautiful night. This way people can come out and have an activity. Have a good time together,” Jaques said.

By all accounts that is what customers did as they molded relationships while helping each other mold clay.

“Did you ever think we’d be throwing clay for Valentine’s Day?” Michael Mueller asked his wife of almost 14 years, Andrea.

“No, I did not,” Andrea said.

The couple does not usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, but throwing pots with their kids sounded fun.

“We’re making something we’ll take home and actually serve a function and use every day,” Michael said.

“And remind us of our love for each other,” Andrea added.

Maybe it is not Swayze and Moore, but it is unique, and loving.

Broadway Clay says they hope to “ghost” again next Valentine’s Day. Next year, they might just play “Unchained Melody”.

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