Four accused of “target shooting,” hitting home with family inside

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – Authorities say four men say they were practicing shooting at targets when they shot into a home Sunday morning.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office says a deputy was sent to the 300-block of Smoot Lane because of a reported shooting.

When the deputy arrived, he says the family was laying on the kitchen floor, ducking for cover. A man who lived there showed him where a bullet went into his bathroom and hit a space heater. The deputy says when he went outside to determine where the bullet came from, he heard several more gunshots.

According to the deputy, he left the home and headed toward Bryant Benson Road. When he stepped out of his cruiser to load his rifle, he says a bullet flew by and hit something near him.

The deputy says he kept driving and saw two vehicles leaving a farm on the 1600-block of Bryant Benson Road. The deputy says he stopped stopped the vehicles and questioned all four men, 23-year-old Joshua Miller, 22-year-old Jonathan Gilland, 21-year-old Martin Blakeman and 21-year-old Dylon Isaacs.

The deputy says all four admitted to target shooting at the farm. He says two of them said they did target shooting at the farm before. According to the deputy, none of the men knew who or what was behind the targets they were shooting.

They are all charged with wanton endangerment.

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