Foster Child gets new laptop to replace computer lost to flooding

JACKSON, Ky (WTVQ) – 15 year old Cody Huff knows his way around a computer.

He lives with his foster family in Jackson, one of the places that’s seen flood water damage recently.

While he loves to fix, and reboot computers, his tech and tinker skills were no match against flooding that caused his laptop meet a watery grave.

“I was pretty mad about losing that one that was 300 dollars. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get another,” recalls Huff.

Thanks to social media and a generous donation from a stranger, Huff was able to restart his passion.

The donor, Cody Fouts has something else in common with Huff besides a first name, a love for tinkering and technology.

“I had some old computers stored and these were sitting on the top shelf and they didn’t get wet so I was sure he could use those much more than I could,” says Fouts.

Fouts says he understands what it’s like to go without.

When he was Huff’s age, he lost everything in a house fire.

To pay the generosity forward, he gave Huff five free hand me down computers, to tinker and toy with.

“Even something as small as that will let people know that there’s people who care and love others around them,” says Fouts.

His generosity inspires huff to one day mirror his good deed.

“I’m just going to help people as best as I can when I get older because I’ve been helped a lot,” says Huff.

Which might include something like a quick computer fix for someone.

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