Former Winburn Middle School student hosts food drive

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Instead of delivering packages, amazon workers were packing up food boxes and giving them to families in need on Saturday morning.

Boxes of food were passed out in front of Winburn Middle School.

By doing so, former student and current amazon area manager Jaurice Garrison could give back to his old school.

As a student Garrison noticed some of his friends were facing food insecurity.

He says he remembers bringing them to his house to feed them.

Years later, he helped put together this food distribution event so that families might get some relief.

“I was a child from the neighborhood so its exciting to give back to those that may be less fortunate and me being in the position that I am now being able to give back and have the ways to give back to the community I will do and will continue to do moving forward,” says Garrison.

Garrison says the group helped feed about 240 children in the community.

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