Former UK Runner Competes for Local Charity

Josh Nadzam grew up in a life of poverty and has had his share of struggles. Now the former UK track star wants to give back to Lexington.

Nadzam competed against hundreds of other runners in Lexington’s Resolution Run on New Year’s Day, but his main focus was the group the race supports.

Nadzam is the visionary behind the Manchester Bidwell Replication Project, an undertaking that involves the creation of a new after school visual arts program, as well as building a new job skills center in Lexington.

"My dream [is] to help impoverished individuals and families in Lexington," he says. "The center itself will be based on the idea that environment shapes lives. I want to create a beautiful facility for indigent individuals to help them restore their dignity, heal the wounds of poverty, and overcome their barriers to self-sufficiency."

At this point, Nadzam has reached 20 percent of his $150,000 goal for the project, but he’s confident he will get there.

"This cause is very personal to me because of my own experiences with poverty," he explained. "I want to dedicate my life to helping those overcome similar situations. Once I learned about the success of [Pittsburgh’s] Machester Bidwell, it was like discovering a cure for a disease, and that disease is poverty."

If you would like to help Nadzam’s cause or find out more about the Manchester Bidwell Replication Project, you can visit the group’s website at

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