Former Cat helping high school athletes understand the recruiting process

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – Last year, the pandemic completely changed the recruiting process.  Instead of campus visits and coaches coming to games, athletes were forced to take virtual tours and coaches had to depend on game tape.  With the summer coming, it looks like things will get back to a new “normal”.  This means the return of the traditional recruiting process.

Athletes are already tweeting about booking official visits and I’d imagine coaches are already booking flights to check out recruits.  While coaches and programs know what they are doing, do parents and prospective athletes know the process?  One former Basketball Cat from right here in Kentucky is trying to make sure they do.

Reggie Hanson played for Pulaski County then went on to play for Kentucky.  He went on to be an assistant coach at Kentucky and South Florida.  As a result, he knows a lot about the recruiting process.  He himself even went through to process as a parent of a prospective athlete.  Whether you are a parent who has never had a child being recruited or maybe want to do it the right way with your next child, Hanson is here to help with a new workshop.

“Because the recruiters are going to do their due diligence to see if you’re a great fit,” says Hanson. “As a parent, you have to do your due diligence to see if that school is a great fit.”

“Understanding the College Basketball Recruiting Process w/Reggie Hanson” is a workshop for prospective athletes.  This is for male and female athletes of all sports, but with Hanson’s background you can expect a lot of terminology to be geared toward basketball.  The main goal?  To make sure you and your child are equipped to make the best decision for their future.

“I give them 20 specific questions to ask recruiters to gauge their interest and guage their commitment to recruiting them as a student athlete.”

Another topic Hanson hits on is the fact coaches are not just recruiting your child.

“The other thing is the personal characteristics that they look for in the student athlete and the parents,” emphasizes Hanson. “Parents don’t understand that. They’re recruiting the kids and the parents.”

Hanson also believes this can help athletes entering the transfer portal.  With more than 1,500 athletes in the portal, he believes this workshop can help with that as well.

The workshop is on demand via his website.  There you can receive unlimited access to his workshop. Topics talked about in the workshop are listed below;

  • The NCAA academic process and guidelines.

  • Ways to keep up with the ever changing NCAA rules.

  • How to contact all levels of college sports governing bodies. NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA.

  • Specifically designed questions to ask college coaches to gage their interest and commitment to you as a prospective student-athlete.

  • The recruiting philosophy of great college recruiters.  How they identify, recruit and finally offer a prospective student-athlete.

  • Questions college recruiters ask themselves on prospective student-athletes before offering a scholarship.

  • Personal characteristics they look for in each prospective student-athlete and their parents.

  • How they build strategic relationships to gather needed information on prospective student-athletes.

  • How to tell if a recruiter has a true belief in you as a prospect.

  • What recruiters specifically look for in each position.

  • Impact of the Transfer Portal.

  • How the value of Lower DI, DII, NAIA and Juco scholarships offers has risen 10-fold.

Click on the following link for information on Hanson’s NCAA College Basketball Coaches Recruiting Process Workshop.

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