Former Cat, current Arizona Cardinals lineman Corey Peters hosting virtual book club

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ) – Corey Peters played high school ball at Louisville Central.  He would then for on to play for Kentucky back in the Rich Brooks era. After being drafted in 2010 by the Falcons, he would spend four seasons in Atlanta.He’s now in his fifth season with the Cardinals.

While Peters loves football, he also loves giving back to his community.
he’s found an enlightening way to do that with the “Corey Peters Playbook”.
A book club at two Phoenix-area schools.
When the pandemic hit, Peters was forced to stop the club, but now he’s relaunching it virtually with Zoom.
“We’re just kinda trying to look for silver linings in this pandemic. I think it’s an opportunity to reach more kids. It may he even a better format for me too just because I can do these meetings with several classrooms and really reach kids all over.”
So why is a book club the way he chooses to give back?
He says it all started when he was a kid.
“Although I hated it at the time, every summer my parents made me read for 30 minutes to an hour a day just depending on how they felt,” said Peters. That was one of I guess my worst memories, but as I got older and I spend more time traveling now I started to read more.”
Peters believes reading is connected to education and if you can get better at reading then you’ll be more comfortable in a classroom setting, but trying to foster an enjoyment of reading plays a factor as well.
“I like to accomplish for one, the kids learning they can read for enjoyment. Reading books that they can take messages and use in their life. That can make things easier for them now as well as in the future as well as make them think from other perspectives.”
While Peters wants to enrich the lives of local students, he’s also improving his own.
“I’m always impressed by the kids and their point of views. The ideas that they come up with, the way they phrase things, it’s always every interesting to me.”
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