Former ABC 36 Anchor On Standby In Colorado Evacuations

In Colorado, people have left 32,000 homes after a wildfire doubled in size in just one day near Colorado Springs.

And the destruction is very real for a woman there who still has strong ties to the Lexington community.

Former ABC 36 News Anchor Alexa Gromko worked at WTVQ from 1996 to 2003.

She says from her Colorado Springs home, she has watched the destructive wildfires spread out of control.

"You see a big plume of smoke coming off of a mountain. It’s like, ‘Whoa! What the heck happened up there?’ And each day, it has just spread and got worse and worse. And now it’s just a raging inferno that’s topping 15,000 acres," says Gromko.

She says cars are filling the local highways as families evacuate the area.

Gromko says, "The mood is very tense. I went to the gas station (Wednesday) morning. There’s only one gas station nearby. The lines were enormously long. Everybody was tense. The card readers at the gas pumps weren’t even working because there was interference with cells and communication towers."

As of Wednesday night, the wildfires were just a few miles away from Gromko’s home.

"We’ve been waiting basically for that reverse 911 call. They’re alerting people in various neighborhoods to be either on standby to evacuate or mandatory evacuations- to get out now."

Meanwhile President Obama is set to visit Colorado on Friday.

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