Food for Fines – Lexington Parking Authority

Make your unpaid parking ticket disappear while donating food to God’s Pantry Food Bank!  It’s all one and the same in the Lexington Parking Authority’s “Food for Fines” program.

Executive Director Gary Means drops by the studio during the program’s last week of 2016 to tell Eric Burke the details of participating.

“We are very pleased with the turnout so far and expect the volume in the final week to continue to exceed our expectations,” says Means. “It’s an honor for our organization to be in the position to allow citizens the opportunity to clear their record and at the same time help those in need.”

Customers who bring in 10 cans of food will receive $15 off any LEXPARK or Lexington Police issued on-street parking citation. There is no limit on the number of cans customers with multiple citations may bring in. Past due citations are eligible. The LEXPARK office is located at 122 North Broadway.

All canned food donations received by LEXPARK will be donated to God’s Pantry Food Bank.  Canned vegetables which are at least 14-15 oz. large and protein items such as canned meat, bean or peanut butter are suggested. Expired, damaged or opened food donations will not be accepted.

For more information head to the LEXPARK website, like them on Facebook, or call (859) 233-PARK (7275.)

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