UPDATE: Camping World flag ordinance addressed in Georgetown City Council

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Monday evening, the City Council addressed an ordinance that caused something of a stir between Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World, and the City of Georgetown.

At issue is a request from Camping World to fly a large American flag outside it’s business.

The 5,000 square foot flag would be on a 150 foot pole.

Back in April, the Board of Adjustment denied the request to put up the flag, citing a city ordinance that says stores can only have one sign that can been seen from the interstate.  Camping World already has a large sign, and due to the size of the flag, zoning considers it a second sign.

The Georgetown News-Graphic says the city council unanimously passed a sign ordinance amendment during a meeting Monday evening.

The ordinance now allows a flag more than 32 square feet, and a pole over 32 feet in height, to be displayed on a property with a conditional use permit.

The Board of Adjustment is expected to consider Camping World’s request again at its June 5th meeting.

Information from the Georgetown News-Graphic


4-18-17 3:43 p.m.

Flag flap-up raises tensions between City of Georgetown, Camping World CEO

The CEO of Camping World, a company specializing in outdoor gear and RV’s, raised a very public beef with the City of Georgetown on Tuesday after being told he couldn’t raise an American flag over his business.

“@CityofGeorgetow what’s up with not allowing a #AmericanFlag at @CampingWorld” read Marcus Lemonis’ tweet, which was also directed at Georgetown Mayor Tom Prather and City Hall.

Lemonis claims he was denied a request for a 130-foot flag by the Georgetown/Scott County Board of adjustments, because city zoning ordinances say businesses along interstates are only allowed one sign, and the flag, in addition to the already in-place 110-foot Camping World sign, would count as a second sign.  Camping World is located off of I-75 at Exit 125.

The tweet has racked up over 250 retweets, and has drawn the attention of the Georgetown Mayor.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Prather says, in part, “Our Office was unaware of either the proposed flag or the requested permit until yesterday evening, April 17th, when we were contacted by the press.”  Prather goes on to ask for patience from the public as the city determines how to proceed with the situation.

Lemonis has since continued tweeting pictures of other Camping World locations flying their American flags.

Veterans plan to camp out near the construction site with their own American flags in support of the store.

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