First-time player caught in ‘Blizzard,’ wins $129,000

JACKSON COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Jackson County man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has won the $129,148 Fast Play jackpot after playing the game for the first time.

He claimed the winning ticket earlier this week at Kentucky Lottery headquarters.

On Jan. 23, he and a friend went to Stop and Go in Manchester so the friend could buy a few Fast Play tickets. That’s when the winner decided to play the game for the first time, spending $30, buying 10 of the $3 Blizzard Bingo Fast Play tickets.

Fast Play is a series of games with instant cash prizes and a rolling jackpot, yet instead of waiting for a drawing to take place, players immediately know if they’ve won a prize.

The price point purchased determines how much of the jackpot is won.

In this case, the winner chose to buy the $3 ticket, winning 30% of the estimated jackpot amount printed on the ticket. The game’s current jackpot at the time the ticket was purchased was $430,495.

Not ever playing the game before, the winner wasn’t sure how the game was played.  That’s when he asked his friend to take a look at the ticket.

“He showed me on the ticket and said, ‘I think you won the jackpot,’” the winner said.

“I went over it; he went over it. We stopped at a different store to have it scanned and was told it was for more than they could pay,” he told lottery officials.

The Blizzard Bingo Fast Play game is played like traditional Bingo. Players match the call numbers to the numbers on their cards. On the player’s winning ticket, he matched all of the call numbers on card 2, making it a cover all win.

After taxes, the winner received a check for $91,695. Stop and Go will receive a bonus for $1,291 for selling the winning ticket.

“I was very excited, but it’s just another day. It’s just money,” he said.

When speaking to the winner, he seemed humble and while he was appreciative of the win, he said it wasn’t going to change him.

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