First grade class gets visit from Governor, Mayor

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- During the pandemic, we’ve been trusting our elected officials with our health, but not everyone’s old enough to know what a mayor or a governor does beyond a pandemic.

A Lexington elementary school teacher found a way to teach civics straight from a primary source.

Angela Taulbee arranged virtual visits for her class with Governor Andy Beshear and Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton.

Ms. Taulbee’s class has a morning tradition.

The students recite where they live and who their elected leaders are. Taulbee started it when moving back to first grade after years of teaching 5th.

“It amazed me how many children were coming to me and they just were not aware,” Taulbee said.

She promised herself if she ever taught primary school again, she’d make sure her students knew their city, state, mayor, and governor.

She started noticing a theme, though. Her students didn’t really know what mayors and governors did, aside from their role during the pandemic.

“They were making connections that the Governor was the person with the COVID do’s and don’t’s,”Taulbee said.

She was able to set up a meeting with Governor Beshear and Mayor Gorton for her students.

“I want them to realize the Governor, his or her position, is something that is way more than COVID,” Taulbee said.

The lesson is cute, but it’s important, too.

“I want them to grow academically with me, but when they leave my classroom I want it to be a stepping stone to being a productive citizen,” Taulbee said.

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