First Day of School After Fire in Lincoln County

A later-than-expected return to school for students in Lincoln County after a major fire at the Board of Education building sent the school system scrambling to re-group and neighboring Garrard County stepped-up to help.
School staff said the first day went smoothly despite that fire that pushed back to start of school and forced the Fort Logan School to find a different location.
Students jumped right into their text books but they met at the old Garrard County Middle School.
The Fort Logan School is in the Lincoln County Board of Education building that caught fire last Wednesday.
The school is temporarily being held in the old Garrard County Middle School.
“We’re all in the business of educating children, children are what we’re about,” said Paul Mullins, superintendent of Garrard County Public Schools about why they let LCPS use the building.  “Just because we cross a county line, doesn’t cross our responsibilities.”
“It’s just person after person extending a welcoming hand and lends a hand up,” said Scott Montgomery, principal of the Fort Logan School about all the help and support the school system has gotten from the community.
School central officers have been moved throughout Lincoln County.
A preschool and head start program that were also in the Board of Education Building will be in trailers.  They are expected to start in the next couple weeks.
The Fort Logan School isn’t sure when it can get back into its original building but it is thankful for the temporary location.
Still no word on what caused the fire.

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