Firefighters worked quickly to help workers hanging from platform

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Things went very wrong for a suspended work platform downtown that collapsed Wednesday evening with three workers on it at the time.

We spoke with the Lexington Fire Department about what went right during that scary situation.

According to firefighters, the three workers, who work for Structural Systems Repair Group in Cincinnati, were properly attached to their safety gear in case of a situation like this one.

All three walked away with no injuries. One was able to lower himself down to the ground.

Captain Chris Rudd says firefighters were able to get to the other two safely and had them on the ground in about 10 minutes.

“The very first arriving companies, which weren’t technically trained, with no special equipment were able to effect the rescue with a ground ladder. So that’s by far the safest of putting someone on rope and then the second and little bit higher patient or victim was rescued by the ariel device at forty feet,” Captain Rudd says.

A technical rescue is anything that requires special training, special certification, and special equipment.

Across the city there are four rescue engines, those members go through technical rescue training.

That training can include multiple categories, rope rescue, large animal rescue, machinery entanglement, trench collapse rescue and many more.

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