Fire breaks out in Lexington fire station

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Some firefighters in Lexington didn’t have to go far to battle an early-morning fire – that’s because it was at their own station.

Firefighters at Fire Department 21 on Mapleleaf Drive say they heard a pop at around 12 a.m. Monday then saw fire and smoke coming from one of the fire engines.

They grabbed fire extinguishers and a hose and put the fire out but they say the fire started again.

After putting it out again, they started removing parts of the fire engine to get to the source.

Firefighters say they believe the fire was electrical.

A tow truck was called to take the fire truck to the county garage.

There was no other damage to the fire station.

The fire engine is about 15 years old, according to the firefighters.

They say they will get a replacement engine.

The cause of the engine is under investigation.

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