‘Finsta’ accounts popular among teens

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Parents, there is a new trend sweeping through the younger generation that you need to know about.

Most likely, you have heard about Instagram, but what about ‘Finsta’ accounts within the app?

It’s possible your child has an Instagram account that you know about. However, they may have one that you don’t, as well.

Teens are creating ‘Finsta,’ meaning “Fake Instagram,” or spam accounts.

These accounts are secret accounts, usually meant to be hidden from adults.

Sabrina Shrout, a freshman at Scott County High, has a ‘Finsta’ account that her mom Shelly follows.

“I’ve found that with her regular account, it’s more like when she went to cotillion, the more formal and nice pictures… pictures of her cheer team, her softball team,” said Shrout. “Her spam account is more of the goofy photos when her friends are over and they’re just snapping crazy stuff.”

Sabrina says she uses the second account to post fun photos that will be seen by a different group than on her first account.

“With my spam account, it’s mostly just my friends and just that close group,” said Sabrina. “With my main account, it’s my friends, my mom, their moms, people that I go to school with and want to make a good impression on.”

Sabrina continued on to say her spam account, like many of her friends’, allows her to express herself in a way that her main account doesn’t.

Officer Natalie Payne specializes in social media and says even though you can use a privacy setting on Instagram accounts, you can’t control what your followers might screenshot and re-post.

“The conversations that you are having online with your friends… those conversations could be the same things that are following you on your applications to colleges and jobs, so nothing is ever private,” said Officer Payne.

Payne encourages parents to talk to their kids about these accounts and what they are posting online.

“They like to talk about what they know and sometimes even brag about some of the things they are able to do,” said Payne. “I think if parents just show an interest and just ask those types of questions, I think they will find that kids will be, more often than not, open about some of the things that are going on.”

For more information on ‘Finsta’ and spam Instagram accounts, click here.

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