Fighting the flu at daycare; How one center is staying healthy

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington saw its first child die from the flu this week and that makes three deaths this season according to the health department.

There’s been about 350 cases reported to the Lexington health department.

Germs are everywhere and it can be hard for daycare’s avoid them.

“You cannot keep toddlers from sharing germs but you can keep their surroundings clean,” said Jess Osbourne, Central Baptist Childcare Center Director.

The center’s director, Jess Osbourne says kids and staff had the most illnesses in late December into January.

“We did have a 2 year old have the flu and she was out for 2 weeks,” said Osbourne.

The center has about 80 kids and they aren’t dealing with any illnesses currently.

If any kids are sick they are sent home and must be fever free for at least 24 hours without any medication.

Staff is constantly washing the tables, chairs, and all the toys.

“You really do have to make sure those toys do not carry those germs,” said Osbourne.

Babies are in a separate room which has a no shoe policy to keep more germs from coming in.

The older kids have their own room and learning good practices to keep themselves healthy like washing their hands.

Osbourne says her center hasn’t closed for illnesses and hopes to keep it that way.

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