Fertilizer company responds to smell complaints in Winchester

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WTVQ) – There was a packed house at a meeting Tuesday in Winchester because people are angry and frustrated over an odor in their neighborhood.

After a fertilizer plant in the area expanded, the odor complaints began. Neighbors say the new smoke stack at the plant sometimes spews lime dust as part of a process to create pellets of fertilizer, which creates the bad smell.

The City of Winchester doesn’t have an air quality ordinance, but the Kentucky Division of Air Quality issued a notice of violation related to the smell to the fertilizer company in mid-June, according to the state.

At Tuesday’s special meeting at city hall, a representative from the company, Kentucky Fertilizer, told the crowd the smell is a nuisance, but not a health threat.

“We’re not letting any pollutants out. We’re trying to address the odor, and we’re working very hard, once we identify it, we will address it,” said project manager John Uliveto.

That wasn’t an answer that satisfied the people who live near the plant and are impacted by the smell.

“I feel like we have been taken advantage of. We are in a low-end side of town. The smell gives my son a headache. When it’s cooking, we can’t play outside. We have to stay in our house all day,” said a frustrated citizen at the meeting.

The company says raising the smoke stack higher might help ease the odor problem.

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