Federal American Rescue Plan Act proposal for Lexington released

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – After hearing from thousands of citizens and working with members of the Urban County Council, Mayor Linda Gorton released the proposals for projects and investments with funds from the federal American Rescue Plan Act.

The Council has made its recommendations and will vote on a final funding plan.

Mayor Gorton is proposing projects and investments that help those who are most in need of help right now.

  • $5 million rental assistance reserve
  • $3 million in COVID-19 public health assistance
  • $350,000 to support the work of the Safety Net violence prevention program (over 3 years)
  • $6 million in capital infrastructure funds for community partners who provide critical services such as violence prevention and intervention, mental and physical trauma support, addiction recovery, and homelessness
  • $240,000 to expand mentoring programs ($80,000 per year)

She’s also proposing investments in long-term economic growth to ensure good jobs for future generations.

  • $17.5 million for infrastructure at Coldstream Research Campus economic development park
  • $2.25 million ($750,000/year) to develop ag-tech industry, capitalize on the momentum generated by the AgTech Steering Committee
  • $5 million to create the Center for Economic Development to support business and provide workforce training
  • $1 million to support tourism industry, hard hit by pandemic

According to the city of Lexington , they also want to improve quality of life for all of our residents and for our future residents.

  • $10 million to fund proposals in Parks and Recreation Master Plan including new trails, new playgrounds, new sports courts, and improvements to community centers and pools
  • $10 million for funds to develop Cardinal Run North featuring a sports complex
  • $10 million for affordable housing
  • $250,000 to increase tree canopy

Finally, it’s crucial that we continue to make smart budgeting investments to save money and avoid debt.

  • $4.5 million to support essential purchases in government without creating long term debt including funds for general government and public safety fleet, cybersecurity, salt barn, and police annex and headquarters
  • $1.5 million to fund Homelessness Prevention and Intervention for the next two fiscal years
  • $920,000 to expand summer youth employment programs for the next two fiscal years
  • $10 million to reward employees who have worked on the front lines throughout the pandemic and to retain employees who provide essential services in a highly competitive job market.

Last week, we officially cut the ribbon on new sidewalks along Old Todds Road. The road, one of the oldest in the City, serves as an important pathway between neighborhoods, the nearby library and businesses.

Adding 3,400 feet of sidewalks and a pedestrian bridge, the area is now much safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Officials said this joins many projects we are working on all over town to help improve Lexington’s neighborhoods… roads, sidewalks, parks, housing and more!

The City has reached an agreement with our Corrections lieutenants and captains on a four-year collective bargaining contract.

City officials corrections managers are a critically important part of our public safety team.

According to the mayor, they have difficult jobs, made even more difficult by the pandemic.

The new contract agreement recognizes and rewards the important contributions they make to our community… it provides annual pay increases of 1.5% every year.

Most officers will see a 4.5% pay increase immediately, pending approval by the Urban County Council.

Although these contract negotiations were delayed by the pandemic, this was a positive, professional process that has resulted in agreement that is good for the corrections lieutenants and captains and the City, according to officials.

The mayor said this was a productive process and both sides came to the table in a timely fashion to find common ground.

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