FCPS students create postcards to send on next launch to space

8,000 students to send postcards to space on-board a blue origin new Shepard flight.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Students at the STEAM academy in Lexington are helping with a special launch.  “Blast off Bluegrass” will allow 8,000 students to send postcards to space on-board a blue origin new Shepard flight.  Freshman Savannah Bogale from academy says she’s always been inspired by space. However, she tells ABC 36 News that she’s not interested in being launched into space herself.

“I would rather work on the ground to see how people get up there and see their dreams fulfilled as well,” says Bogale.

This project is part of a collaboration with Club For The Future, a nonprofit founded by Blue Origin.

“When they come back to earth we stamp them flown to space and so students a space keepsake returned to them,” says Josef Reinke, the director for Club Of The Future.

Not only will students be able to launch something into space, they’ll also get to see and touch it, after’ it comes back to earth. Something that’s usually only seen behind glass in museums and experienced by former NASA astronauts like Mike Good, who virtually answered questions for some students on Wednesday. One question he answered was about the colonization of planets, and the time frame of when that would happen.

“It’s not going to be me that goes to Mars its going to be you guys that go to mars, you’re the next generation of explorers,” good explains

Some students drew pictures and others like, Bogale wrote special messages.

“For such a small world..We have big dreams,” she reads.

No matter where life takes her, whether its to class or to space, Savannah’s got a plan to shoot for the moon.

“I’ll hopefully look back on this as one of the things that helped me move along my dreams,” says Bogale.

Postcards will continue to be collected throughout the year from other schools in Fayette County. The cards collected on Wednesday will be mailed to “Club for the Future” and placed on the next rocket launch.

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