FCPS Interschool Council creates positive project for the class of 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – An interschool council is an informal group of the presidents of the 6 Fayette County Public high school student councils, along with Carter G’s.

Seniors had to miss out on a few things this year that most seniors get to experience so the council wanted to do something special and positive for the class of 2020.

The interschool council meets monthly to discuss issues affecting their schools and the district as a whole then they outline short- and long-term goals.

The council meets with Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk to discuss these issues and goals.

The council is tackling a major issue as the school year closes out, seniors missing out on major events like prom and graduation because of the coronavirus.

That’s why they created this project. The council put together an op-ed that will be featured in the Herald-Leader and a YouTube video.

Drew Rodriguez, a senior at Frederick Douglass and interschool council president says, “the message we’re trying to communicate is hey the seniors of this year have missed out on a lot of things, no prom, no graduation and there’s been a lot of support for us in the community. That gives us a unique opportunity, a voice to say, “yeah this does stink but let’s change the message to something a little more positive, there’s a lot to look forward to.”

The YouTube video features clips of students in black and white and is mostly about reaching out specifically to their peers who are going through similar things.

The op-ed is to reach a larger audience and make sure that even though they have lost a lot of opportunities this year, there’s a lot to learn.

Nasim Mohammadzadeh, a senior at Paul Laurence Dunbar high school and student council president says, “even though we have lost a lot of our opportunities as a class of 2020 this year like prom, graduation, our senior trips and everything like that, there’s a lot we have learned as a result and we can take what we’ve learned and funnel it and channel it into a different kind of energy to help us become a better kind of class, a better kind of community and kind of work together to overcome a whole bunch of things in the future.”

The council hopes the takeaway for those who watch their video and read their op-ed, is that even though this experience is difficult for everyone you can become stronger, better people because of it.

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