UPDATE: Drive-thru flu shots full, openings for in-person at LFCHD


FROM THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Registration for Saturday’s drive-thru flu shot event is now closed. If you need a flu shot, you can get one free by appointment only ‪starting Oct. 5 in our Public Health Clinic, 650 Newtown Pike. Call ‪859-288-2444 ‪starting Oct. 5 to make an appointment.


FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Lexington Fayette County Health Department has opened Saturday’s free flu shot clinic to everyone 13 years old and above.

The event is 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 3, at Consolidated Baptist Church, 1625 Russell Cave Road.

People must must register in advance for a time slot at lfchd.org/drivethru2020.

Slots are available to provide up to 400 free flu shots at this one-day event.

The clinic was open only to people in high-risk categories.

Again, p to 400 free flu shots are available, and you MUST pre-register: lfchd.org/drivethru2020. You can register here: 2020 Drive-Thru Flu Shot Registration.

The department also has free flu shots throughout the flu season available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY starting Oct. 5 in the Public Health Clinic, 650 Newtown Pike. Call 859-288-2444 to make an appointment. Walk-ins will not be accepted due to requirements to maintain physical distancing.

To learn more, visit www.lfchd.org/freeflushots2020.
“An annual flu shot is the best way to fight the flu each fall and winter,” LFCHD spokesperson Kevin Hall said. “The flu shot is especially important this season as we remain in the COVID-19 pandemic. It can help reduce the overall impact on respiratory illnesses on the population, which will lessen the burden on our healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Last flu season, Lexington had three deaths from flu-related causes and 742 lab-confirmed cases.
In addition to helping prevent from getting sick with flu, a flu shot can reduce the severity of the illness and reduce your risk of a flu-associated hospitalization.
The seasonal flu shot is recommended for all people ages 6 months and older and is especially important for people at the highest risk of serious complications from the flu: infants and young children, pregnant women, anyone with underlying medical conditions and adults 50 and older.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC is also urging the flu shot for essential workers, including healthcare personnel and long-term care facility staff; and people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19, including adults 65 and older, residents of long-term care facilities and anyone with underlying health conditions. 
People who have tested positive for COVID-19, are under isolation or quarantine orders or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must stay home.

Important Notes

  • You must be at least 13 years old to receive a flu shot at the drive-thru event.
  • You must complete this registration for every person who wants to receive a flu shot at the drive-thru event.
  • Up to four people can register under one phone number.
  • There is a maximum of 4 people per car.
  • Everyone MUST wear a mask throughout the event.
  • DO NOT get out of your car unless instructed to do so.
  • Do not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes prior to your registration time.
  • When you arrive, please be prepared to provide the name of each person registered to receive a flu shot.
  • Do not wear long-sleeve or tight-fitting clothing/tops since the vaccine will be given in your upper arm.
  • Please stay home if you have currently tested positive for COVID-19, are under isolation or quarantine orders or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will high-dose vaccine for adults over 65 years of age be available at the drive-thru event?

High-dose vaccine will not be available at the drive-thru event. The vaccine that we will be giving at the event is appropriate for all adults.

The flu vaccine is approved for people 6 months of age and older. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first high-dose flu vaccine in 2009. Prior to that date, everyone 6 months and older had one option in receiving their annual flu vaccine. We know that as we age our immune system naturally declines. Vaccine manufacturers worked to develop a vaccine that would provide people over 65 years of age with a flu vaccine that would be more effective related to their immune response. High-dose is often preferred by primary care providers for their patients over 65 for that reason. CDC does not recommend one flu vaccine over another. The flu vaccine we are providing is approved for people over 65 years of age. It is not their only option. They and their primary care provider may prefer that they are vaccinated with the high-dose vaccine.

How will you use the information I provide?

The personal information we collect is needed to communicate with you for scheduling purposes and to document your receipt of the flu vaccine. We collect demographic information, which is used by our epidemiologists without your personal information attached, to give us information about who attends our events so that we may better serve you in years to come. We do not share any personal information that is protected by HIPAA.

What measures will be in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

  • Everyone attending the drive-thru will wear a mask at all times.
  • Medical staff providing the flu shots will be wearing masks, gowns and face shields and will sanitize their hands when changing their non-latex gloves between participants.
  • Staff at the event will observe social distancing of 6 feet with other staff throughout the event.
  • There is a limit of four people per vehicle so that everyone has a window from which to receive their flu shot. No one needs to step out of the vehicle.

Can I bring others with me?

There can be up to four pre-registered people per vehicle for this event.

Why is there a limit of four people per vehicle?

There is a limit of four people per vehicle so that everyone has a window from which to receive their flu shot. That way, no one needs to step out of the vehicle. Please consider which arm you prefer to receive your flu shot in when choosing where you sit in the vehicle. The flu vaccine is given in your upper arm. Please do not wear long or tight-fitting sleeves that cannot be removed without getting out of your vehicle. This includes things like a sweater or jacket.

Is there any cost for the flu shot this year?

There is no cost for the flu shot this year. You may receive a free flu shot at our special one-day drive-thru event on Oct. 3, or by appointment only starting Oct. 5 at the health department’s Public Health Clinic. To make your appointment in the clinic, please call 859-288-2444.

Where can I find my pre-registered appointment for the drive-thru event?

You can view your pre-registered appointment by logging into the account that you created with your cellphone number to register for the event.

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