Fayette County Sheriff’s office Winter Care Program, reunites husband and wife

Wife is reunited with sick husband after receiving a ride from the Sheriff's Office

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Roads covered with snow and ice were too treacherous for some to travel.  In response, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office took the wheel on Friday. Members helped folks get to work, get needed prescriptions and in the case of Charlotte Gilbert, provide a needed trip to the hospital.  Gilbert’s been married to her husband Bill for 58 years. They were high school sweethearts and eventually tied the knot, and have been together ever since. Recently, Bill fell ill and needed surgery.

“In December they picked up on the fact that he wasn’t breathing very well, so we tried to get in and get this bypass surgery done and snow delayed it and he was getting worse,” explains Gilbert.

On Thursday Bill underwent a 7 hour surgery at Baptist Health. Not only did the two of them have a pandemic preventing them from being by each others side the whole time, but an ice storm as well
Charlotte was force to leave him and go home. Throughout the night, she spoke with Bill and to his nurses.

“They said he was having a tough day today and that it was the worst day,” added Gilbert.

Charlotte says her heart was telling her one thing, but her head another.

“I didn’t want to have an accident and have two of us in the hospital.  I had to use good common sense..We’ve always said we’d leave here together but this was kind of scary.”

On Friday, members of the Sheriff’s Office braved the bad roads, activating its winter care program. It’s a service it’s been doing for 10 years during severe weather.  Where members of the department spend the day taking essential workers to and from work, picking up prescriptions and doing welfare checks.  By noon, the department already had more than 100 calls for help. Even though Lt. Colonel  Rodrick Robinson had his hands full, he took on one more trip.  Robinson escorted Gilbert to the hospital, helping her surprise her husband after making him promise to hang in there.

‘I told him…Don’t you leave here without me!,” says Gilbert.

While she knew her stay would be short , she says the gratitude she has for Lt. Colonel Robinson will last forever.

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