Fayette County School Buses Get Hi-Tech

Fayette County schools are helping parents keep track of their kids through buses.

It all starts with an electronic ID system installed into 250 school buses.

The system keeps a long of elementary-age students going to and from school.

The kids have an ID card that they wave in front of a little box on the bus, which then clocks them in.

For extra security, a person will be standing there, checking them manually off of a list.

The information is then sent off to a data bank.

If a parent calls, asking about their child, school or transportation officials can pull it up almost immediately.

It not only gives parents peace of mind, but it doesn’t add any waiting time.

School officials say it’s much the same as the method kids already use to get on the bus–they show a badge identifying them.

Parents don’t have to worry about identity theft, either, as the IDs don’t have any personal information on it–just a random number assigned to each card.

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