Fayette County Cancels School Thursday

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Fayette County Public Schools canceled school for a third straight day.  Working parents adjusted schedules, and took vacation days for their young kids.

Wednesday it was 10 degrees colder in Lexington than usually frigid Omaha. 

With consecutive snow days parents scrambled, audibling like Peyton Manning to figure out plans for their kids.

"Today not that big a problem, yesterday was more of a problem.  I actually had to take them out to my mom to stay, because I had to work.  I was by myself yesterday," said Kelly Ranvier, a pharmacist with two kids.

Kids couldn’t go get air, because it was too cold.  So, they came to Get Air, a new trampoline park in Nicholasville.

While kids missed school, some weren’t really missing it. 

"Very great!  (You’re not missing it?) No," exclaimed Kelly’s 8-year old son.

The kids might not have exercised their minds, but with below freeing temperatures, the kids chilled inside.

Get Air opened about one month ago, and it’s quickly become the go-to snow day place.  The Assistant Manager says some people have waited one hour. 

"Slammed from open to close.  Not good for the school system, but it’s been pretty good for us," said Wesley Cupps, Get Air Assistant Manager.

Kids jump for ice, but they’ll need to make up every snow day.

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