Father Reacts To Attempted Child “Luring”

Lexington Police have now talked to two men who may have tried to ‘lure’ two kids into their pickup truck at a school bus stop between Wilson Downing and Allante Brook Court.

They face no charges because what reportedly happened isn’t against the law.

That has Curtis Cannon changing his behavior. 

"It makes you more aware and protective of your family, cause that’s all you got," said Cannon.

His 10 year old son and 12 year old grandson were waiting for the school bus just before 7 AM when they were approached by two men in a red pickup truck.

"The next thing i know they’re back in the house saying these gentlemen tried to grab us or lure us into the truck," said Cannon. 

Police say the men asked the boys to come to them, which isn’t against the law.   

"From now on they are not walking to the bus stop by themselves," said Cannon.  "Me or my wife are walking them."

Plus some other tips from Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton:

1. If a stranger approaches you, never go near a curb or car. 
2. If you feel threatened or in danger in any way, yell for help or for a parent. 
3. Scream to draw attention to scare the stranger away.

And as Cannon did, just make the call.

"I knew I had to become a man, turn it to God’s hands… Turn it to police," said Cannon.

He said he’s very proud of his boys.  His grandson remembered enough details so the police could find the truck.

Investigators say they did turn the information over to the Crimes Against Children Unit. 

It’s worth noting, under Kentucky law, you have to be physically touched before someone can be charged with attempted kidnapping.

The boys’ schools, Mill Creek Elementary and Southern Middle School, both sent home letters explaining the situation.  That letter said police are stepping up patrols in the area.

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