Father Jim Sichko talks socks and personality after final mass in Richmond

RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ)- For Father Jim Sichko, socks and personality go hand in hand, both being colorful and outside the box.

That’s how Fr. Sichko summed up his personality Tuesday, nearly 48 hours after his last mass at St. Mark. After 12-years with the catholic church, he’s changing assignments, still in the Lexington diocese but he’ll be traveling more.

“Be somewhat of a help to the development and fundraising of the diocese. Helping maybe instill some energy or some creative thoughts in which parishes may be struggling and help produce some income and some direction,” says Fr. Sichko.

If you’re familiar with him, you’re likely familiar with his social media use; countless selfies and motivational posts helping him connect to the masses.

“It is amazing how effective, if done well, social media can be in spreading the good news and the news of the gospel and of the church.”

While much of the ministry can be filled with positivism, there are points when Fr. Sichko has had to deal with tragedy. Some more recent events that come to mind are the death of Officer Daniel Ellis and the Orlando nightclub massacre.

“We can’t remain stagnant. We understand, as difficult as it may be, that life goes on. We also have to do some difficult things and that is, we have to pray for those who have persecuted, pray for those who have done wrong and a lot of people don’t want to take that extra step but that’s part of it to.”

Fr. Sichko has emptied his office at St. Mark and will be traveling often in his new role but says he’ll still be calling Madison County home.

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