Farm to Food Banks seek “Ugly” produce

BEREA, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Kentucky Association of Food Banks says they are looking for fruits and vegetables with cosmetic imperfections which would otherwise be unsellable.

Through the Farm to Food Banks program, the Association of Food Banks say they will pay farmers just below wholesale price for produce that does not meet retail store standards.This food will then be distributed to food banks, in order to feed low-income Kentuckians

“It might be a zucchini that is fatter on one end than the other or a tomato that is smaller than standard grocery store packaging” said Angie Allman, Program Coordinator. “We help cover a farmer’s costs of harvesting, packaging and delivering to food banks produce that would otherwise go to waste in the field.”

FAFB stated that the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is providing a $600,000 grant for the program this summer, and would like to thank Kentucky taxpayers as well, for the donations made through their 2014 tax return.

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