Fans confident in UK football after 5-0 start

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- As the Cats continue to climb in the college football rankings, fans are getting more and more excited about the rest of this season.

Kroger Field on a Sunday is pretty quiet.

Just a few loose bottles, some ribbon and the tents dedicated fans have left for the next game line the parking lot.

But among the street sweepers and garbage bins that feeling of being undefeated is still in the air.

“I’m feeling the hype and I think every UK fan is feeling the hype,” said Brandt Ladner, a UK student.

At 5-0 UK’s football team is playing the best it has in a long time.

“Winning every game like this especially against big teams it’s amazing. It’s a huge change,” said Hallie White, a UK student.

So huge that even students who aren’t the biggest sports fans know what’s going on.

“I hear people talking about it especially in the department. So I’m aware that it’s around. I’m just, it’s not a language I’m particularly part of,” said Jacob Wood, a UK student.

Now the big question is will this winning streak continue as UK faces even greater opponents?

“People have asked me like how do you think you’re going to do against Alabama and all them? And I’m like, at the beginning I was like I don’t know but then after Florida and last night I’m feeling like we got this. I ain’t worried about it,” said Ladner.

Either way, fans say their just happy this season has been an exciting one.

“It’s just been a huge change because my dad would be angry after every game and now it’s parties every night. He’s celebrating with his friends and my mom. It’s just been amazing,” said White.

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