Fans Celebrate Big Blue Madness

Madness took over Rupp Arena Friday night as Solid Blue fans couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of this year’s Kentucky basketball teams and fans have high hopes for this year’s team.

“The number one recruiting class in the country, bring it home Cats!” said Rich Daily, a Solid Blue Fan.

“Coach Cal’s got such a deep bench, I think he could put two number one teams out there on the field this year,” said Ellen Karpf, a Solid Blue Fan.

“I just don’t see how they could miss another National Championship with this group of guys,” said Tim Bates, a Solid Blue Fan.

“Ever since Kentucky won their National Championship two years ago, I’ve worn these lucky boxers every single time UK plays,” said Clifford Naiman, a Solid Blue Fan.

“It’s been crazy, the fan base is so great and everyone is so nice, they interact with each other, they interact with the team down there and everyone is just so excited even if it is just a practice and they’re just shooting around, everybody is so excited for what’s to come,” said Kristin Gregory, a Solid Blue Fan.

“You just kind of get the chills when you’re here and you get that feeling of being in Rupp Arena, that’s just the best feeling ever,” said Staci Slusher, a Solid Blue Fan.

“You’ll watch it, you’ll think there’s no way they can top this, you’ll come back next year and somehow they manage to pull it off,” said Bates.

“I think they’re going to be the best,” said Austin Sperry, a Solid Blue Fan.

This was the ninth Big Blue Madness held at Rupp Arena.

The men’s team has a Blue-White scrimmage October 29th.  The women’s team will play an exhibition game against Eckerd College November 3rd.

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