Family without power for days, unsure when it will be restored

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ) – At the height of the storm, more than 145,000 people were without power Monday evening. Some people have been in the dark for a week now after last week’s ice storm, and another storm is on the way.

“Yeah, it really gets to you,” said Shelley Thompson. “It gets you down.”

Thompson and her husband live on top of a hill in Morehead. She said they received about an inch of ice and since last Wednesday only had power for a few hours on Monday.

“It was on for about three hours, and it went off again, and now we’re out again,” she said.

A power line was lying in her backyard Tuesday.

Thompson said she’s charging her phone in her car and keeping warm using the wood stove in her living room, but she said it’s not easy.

“Oh, so much anxiety, because it’s hard to cook and we don’t have water because we’ve got a system and the pumps not working,” she said.

For light, she’s using kerosene lamps. At night, piles up with blankets.

“[I] snuggle under there, and I stay good and warm under the cover,” Thompson said.

She said she isn’t able to get off the hill due to all the ice. So, her family was able to bring her supplies on their ATV. Thomspon expressed her gratitude towards County Executive Judge Harry Clark. He brought them bottled water and kerosene for the lamps.

She said it’s been hard to keep her food good as she lost a lot from her freezer.

“I’ve got my backroom closed off where it’s ice-cold where I’m keeping stuff there,” she explained. “I’ve got my milk sitting outside, which is frozen right because it’s 17 degrees up here.”

She said Kentucky Power did not give her an estimated time the power will be back on.

“I’m just praying for the linemen out there for what they’re doing here, you know, trying to keep everyone’s electric on,” she said.

That got dangerous for crews Monday night in Lee County.

“We worked throughout the night up to the point that it became so dangerous to have our crews out in the dark cutting trees because trees were falling around us,” said Jon Allen with Lee County Emergency Management. “So we waited until first light, and now we got those crews back out now trying to cut those trees out of the way.”

And this is on top of trying to brace for another winter storm.

“I’ll just get prepared, and food fixed up and put it out in the cold, I reckon,” said Thompson, who doesn’t know if her power will be on in time.

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