Family tradition of honoring veterans

Frankfort, Ky. (WTVQ) – There are many people who won’t have everyone home for the holidays because some of them have lost their lives fighting for ours.

Allison Ball is our state’s treasurer but she’s also a mother to 5 month old Levi.

Ball’s father and grandfather served and as a kid she was taught to always honor our veterans.

As an adult, she is teacher her child the same thing.

“I want to make sure this is something he’s used to his whole life. This is what we do, we honor veterans as a family,” said Allison Ball.

Her son attended his first event at the Capital where the honor wreath for George H.W. Bush was put on display for Wreaths Across America.

Ball says that having her son attend events like this at a young age will encourage him to do it in the future.

“He’s going to pick this up as he gets bigger and he’ll understand the freedoms that we have as Americans. It’s because of our veterans, their sacrifice, and their service,” said Ball.

Wreaths Across America will be happening at veterans cemeteries across the state on Saturday at noon.

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