Family of Tina Johnson Want Answers

PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ) – Tina Johnson’s son says Wednesday would have been his mother and father’s 32nd wedding anniversary, and that Wednesday should have been her birthday.  Instead of celebrating, however,  Kenneth Johnson spent the day sharing a courtroom for the first time with the man accused of trying to cover up his mother’s death.

“We just want everybody to know my mother, Tina was a good woman,” says Kenneth Johnson, adding that the family is still struggling to accept that she’s gone.  “We’re struggling, but we’re coping.”

Tina Johnson was reported missing at the beginning of December.  Earlier this month, however, her body was found in a crawl space under a house in Paris.  Michael Hutsell, the man accused in her death, had his case waived to the Grand Jury in court Wednesday afternoon.

For the family dealing with such a tragic and shocking loss,  few answers as to what happened to their mother have left them frustrated.  No official cause of death, for example, has been released for Tina Johnson.

“These past five six weeks have just been the roughest on my family.  Just no answers, not knowing, and then finally trying to get some closure.”

Police say Michael Hutsell admitted he wrapped Johnson’s body in plastic, and then tried to hide it.  His attorney waived his case to the Grand Jury, but the judge called Hutsell a risk, saying that at the time of the alleged crime, Hutsell was supposed to be on house arrest in connection to an assault charge from the summer that was later lowered.

“Now our question is, what actually happened on her last breath,” says Kenneth Johnson.  “That’s our biggest question now and it’s just hard.  It’s just a struggle.”

Kenneth says they’re taking everything one day at a time, and holding on to his mother’s memory as they wait for justice.

“She was so beautiful.  Just meeting her for the first time you’d think you knew her for years.  “She didn’t know a stranger, not one stranger.  She’d hug before she shook your hand.”

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