Family says fake GoFundMe page made in their late son’s name

HARRODSBURG, Ky. (WTVQ)-Collin Leber of Harrodsburg says, “Everything’s racking up and then this on top of that It’s just crushing us.”

He and his fiance Ragan McCain are devastated after the loss of their baby Henley. He was only two weeks and a day old.

Leber says, “My fiance’s taking it pretty hard. Of course she’s real quiet.”

Henley had gastroschisis. It’s a rare birth defect where he was born with is intestines sticking outside of his body through his belly button. The family said goodbye to Henley at UK Hospital Monday night. Leber says his fiance was out of work early on because of complications with the pregnancy, and he also missed a lot of time as well.

“He had five surgeries in two weeks. So I had to take off. I mean I didn’t have to take off, but as a father I needed to be there.”

On Friday they will be laying Henley to rest, but they won’t be able to put that tragedy behind them. Collin had set up a Crowdrise page earlier this week to help pay for funeral expenses. But now they they are fighting another battle after Leber says a fake GoFundMe page, raising money for medical expenses, was set up exploiting Henley’s death

Leber says the suspect “Basically took our story, and just they didn’t change his name they took his picture. They took his picture everything and didn’t try to hide it any of it.”

Collin found out about the page through word of mouth and it was then quickly taken down. Collin says he believes the suspect was one of his fiance’s Facebook friends and they had once gone to school together.

“But they weren’t close friends but they knew each other.”

Leber says he’s dealing with the grief a little bit better than his fiance and is seeking several charges against the suspect.

“I just explain it as anger. There’s not much sadness with it as anger.”

GoFundMe says less than 1/10th of 1% of pages on its site are fraudulent. It says it’s looking into the matter. We’ll have GoFundMe’s full statement on our website after we receive it.

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